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The Roma National Anthem

in Gipsy, Roma people speak up Tue May 29, 2018 12:46 am
by Lizzy67 • 2.823 Posts

The Roma National Anthem Source :
Opre Roma

Gyelem, gyelem, longone dromensa,
Maladilem bakhtale Romensa.
A, Romale, katar tumen aven,
E tsarensa, bakhtale dromensa.
A, Romale,
A, Chhavale.
Vi mansa su bari familiya,
Mudardala e kali legiya;
Aven mansa sar e lumnyatse Roma
Kai phutaile e Romane dromensa.
Ake vriama, usti Rom akana,
Amen Khudasa misto kai kerasa.
A, Romale,
A, Chhavale.

English translation by Dr. Rishi, from Roma.

I travelled, travelled long roads,
Everywhere meeting happy Gypsies.
Oh Gypsies, where do you come from?
With tents on this happy road?
Oh Gypsies,
Oh my Gypsy boys.
Once I had a great family,
But they were killed by the Black Legion;
Come with me, all Gypsies of the world,
Help swell the Gypsy roads.
Now is the time, rise up Gypsies,
We will rise high through action.
Oh Gypsies,
Oh my Gypsy boys.

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