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Requested : how to register, log in, post in a Russian forum

in Needing to be known (did you know that...?) - Choses à savoir (le saviez-vous ?) Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:00 am
by Lizzy67 • 2.823 Posts

Note that my Russian is very very basic, but I know the Cyrillic alphabet a bit. I used to translate in English, German and French - sometimes I had to correct a bit in German and French.

So here we go !

Forum view as a guest

What you see first as a guest, when the forum is public, in the header navigation bar from left to right (note that the Portal is optional) :

The registration form

Depending on where the forum is hosted, what the forum admin chose for forum settings, while registering, you might enter directly your own password (one of your choice) or you might be sent a temporary one to change after validation of your membership. Chances are that you'll get a confirmation E-mail... in Russian only. You should be able to highlight the E-mail message and copy-paste it into translate. google for a translation.

If you got a field for Password, in Russian it should be : пароль (pronounced parol, like a French word meaning spoken word).

Never forget this word : послать which can mean send or validate. You will find this very word, everytime you change, validate in a form or send a message, a reply, or when you post, with or without preview. So it's important to have this word in mind.

Account settings

You might have to choose them already on registration and if so they aren't optional. If you don't check such mandatory fields, your registration can't be validated, on some Russian forums. You can change those options, once you're a member, in Profile settings.

Log in and once logged in

A few words for you to remember, as a forum member :

Profile settings

From one forum to another they might vary. Some of them are irrelevant and sometimes in some sections you can't even operate changings.
Note well where to change the password : it's right under Nickname/Name. Maybe in a section called Имя, пароль и e-mail

In the Profile settings, it's not an obligation to fill out all sections. Some are optional.

Privacy settings are to change again options to get E-mails, private messages, etc.

Private messages

Please, respect a minimum of good manners and always type in something clear enough in the Subject line for the message receiver. If you're known to an admin, moderator or forum member, just write something in the Subject line like "I'm (nickname) from (this other site) but here my nickname is ... after I registered".

Posting in a forum

Before posting, see the structure of the message board, explore it. You can find some Firefox or Chrome extensions to translate a whole Web-page, however not all in some sections. Then you'll get the idea on where you may post as new member or older member.

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