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Positive Christianism or Aryan Christianism

in Religion - Spirituality - Philosophy Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:49 pm
by Lizzy67 • 2.822 Posts

Positive Christianism is what Hitler and nazis made of original Christian faith during the nazi era. It's also called Aryan Christianism. However "Positive" sounds better, even to New Agers today.

Positive Christianism is based on Blavatsky's and A. Bailey's theosophic doctrines, which both derive from eugenics or more specifically social eugenics (social structure theories introducing some psychological aspects, as we know it today, but which are by no mean scientific - they're all ideological only). It's important to know that New Wolrd Order come directly from Bailey's doctrine, as well as the Aquarian Era.

On youtube a channel is called Positive Christianity in the 3rd Reich, blocked in some countries like France. But you may opt for Germany to watch all 5 videos. Just the blocking of France for such a subject, means all in all, as well, that there can't be any "friendship" between France and Germany.

One may say without any mistake that New Age is the child of Positive Christianism, as it deals very often with the Aryanism subject and swastika symbol - but then in a quite diversive manner.

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