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It happened to Jews... It still happens to Gipsies - Christian revisionnists

in Gipsy, Roma people speak up Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:18 pm
by Lizzy67 • 2.823 Posts

Christian revisionnists are actually weird people, claiming to know the Bible perfectly well, and so on. I've known some of them being into witchcraft, astrology, New Age, etc. before "being born again"... but well... Speaking of idolatry, I don't know what a bunny might have anything to do with Easter. Christian festivities ARE idolatry.

I discovered two sites on Bible references about Gipsies... It makes me sometimes wonder what the Holy Spirit whispers to such Christians secretly behind closed doors... But here it is about Gipsies :

Once I told to somebody that Christians are very close to Muslims, Islamists...

Bashing against Jews and Gipsies justified via Bible verses taken out of context. If that isn't a crime, an abomination... And G_d would still agree and say it's damn OK ?

Christians will be heavily challenged to face their OWN pagan ancestory, their worshipping of one man (idolatry) without understanding his teachings. This time of hardship for most fake Christians is really imminent, it's even here now. Unfortunately, on this point Muslims might rather help debunk the imposture (except that there might be much blood shed...).

There's nothing wrong with Mosaic Laws for both Jewish and Gipsy communities. Forgiveness in ordinary Christian faith is like "I can do whatever I want. God or Jesus will forgive my faults". THIS EXACTLY AND PRECISELY WILL BE STOPPED in the next decades. Saddest thing, as said, when this happens, Muslims might take overly advantage of this mess.

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