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I actually understand all better from Jews explaining Europe (the following is very true)

in Religion - Spirituality - Philosophy Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:01 pm
by Lizzy67 • 2.823 Posts

Stating that Islam is a POLITICAL DOCTRINE to conquer and enslave other people isn't fear mongering at all. Historically it's what happened for many centuries. Muslims don't like Christians, don't like Jews, don' like travelling/Roma people at all. To them, women and even children are truly less than nothing !

The stumble stone of Christianity is "compassion", "forgive even your enemies" (let them beat you, let them slap you in your face - a kind of syndrom of Stockholm...). Christianity still got an opportunity - maybe the last one - to re-examine entirely and appropiratedly their place in the world, less "good words", more actions.

Theocracy, today the one planned by Islamists is inacceptable, and is a threat. Christians also dreamed of a Christian theocratic world, tried to impose it at all costs : today they're witnessing the consequences.

Now back to what an atheist Jew wrote in youtube video comments - the situation the way it is :

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