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After my researches about "conspiracy"

in Religion - Spirituality - Philosophy Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:35 pm
by Lizzy67 • 2.823 Posts

Sorry guys, but actually I have no clue whether 9-11 attack was or was not an "inland job". I don' know what inland job in that particular context might mean. And let me tell you... it isn't my job or business.

Let me make it very clear : I DO STAND for the Jewish community, for Roma people. HOWEVER I can't stand anymore any leftists hypocrisy, whatever their faith, their nationality or whatso. It's just quite enough with DEMONCRACY garbage iwhich is inspired by New Age junk, promoted by very dangerous gurus.

I watched many youtube videos on relevant points made about the today world. I made researches about the New World Order, globalists plans, fors and cons.

From my last year 2016 experience, meeting people stated to be "mentally vulnerable" (but CONDITIONED), I may say today that I find the leftists "better world plan" quite scary. I took pleasure in talking with a Gipsy woman claimed to be schizophrenic by psychiatrists (socialists in my home country France). I took time to talk to some other people claimed "bipoloar" and whatso. I managed to see what's behind some kind of FAKE humanitarian vocation coming from psychiatrists, nurses and staff working in psychiatric or mental heath centers : all leftists or "liberal leftiss" ALL OF THEM NOT EVEN DEPLORING THE NAZI PSYCHIATRIC PROGRAM - but they're leftists, socialists and damn damn hypocrits !

Basically, not just are mental diseases FAKE, but putting each individual in categories, sub-categories in order to whatso scan better their psychological profile, behaviours : all this means to target only potential threats for no reason at all.

I found it quite weird when on an French governmental site one incompetent writer wanted to explain how to detect conspiracy theorists, in a manner to have only CHILDREN and TEENS try and understand. But the whole article and a youtube video attached were fully cynical, made fun of potentially dangerous conspiracy believers.

If people want to fathom what's behind conspiracay, the New World Order (by itself a plan), instead of trying to gain likes on youtube, Facebook, I'd challenge them to read Blavatsky or Alice A. Bailey. All is there about that (in)famous NWO, which can be utilised either "positively" or "negatively".

Quick shortcuts to the actual origins of New Age, New World Order, the Aquarian Era and it becomes a huge mess. A popular mess in the name of demoncracy, which in truth is MEDIOCRACY or IDIOCRACY.

I didn't read any of Blavatsy's books, from A. Bailey I only read a volume about telepathy. As I'm close to Gnostics, I didn't find it difficult to understand. However I made it easier for me to understand via three volumes on theosophy by another author. Today what I still remember from such a reading is that at some point theosophy, when cleansed from occult and New Age junk, is very close to Jewish Mystics.

I'm so happy still today that many years ago I intuitively and spontaneously (without anyone telling me to do this or that) chose to read some Jewish Mystics books, that today thanks to Internet I can find excellent youtube videos from Jewish Rabbis. Those help me to understand quite much more than anything else about the world, Life (world and life are different).

I do understand truly that today we're on a cross road, that a pandora box is now open. In that pandora box all lies, rumours, hate, anger, frustrations come out and it has to be so, because they're projections and each and everyone has to face those projections, to stop and overcome denial.

It's a time of confusion today because many events utilised by the medias, it's not just for big business but it's also to get true ignorants (ignorants are the actual fools who became strangers to themselves) always act or behave in an emotive, irrational way.

People, do understand at once that what is displayed sometimes as true might be totally wrong, that what you think is "social" (leftist) might be like sleeping pill, hypnosis, more dangerous than any trick ever, that some so claimed high values are reversed (youngsters against elders, family/private life against public/governmental), and so on.

Might some people like it or not, but actions, reactions, from the effect of ideas can be explained quite mathematically, therefore rationally. Today we're witnessing a particular time for our man made (human made) world : the past invites itself in the present, it migh be "karma", but to question us today about which future we want. Here is the challenge. Futurists, progressists, transhumanists might at the same time very well get warnings : playing the little gods for a while and some day, soon or later, be trapped by their arrogance. Somewhere in the Bible there's a warning : either you choose life or death, but you can't choose both at the same time. Life isn't the world, life is pretty much neuter, life doesn't need human kind at all. At some point, absolutely YES, planet Earth, Nature, might survive - without us, this is for sure. Nature does regenerate itself, might it even take 100,000 years and this is life.

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